The right to access personal health information is a cornerstone of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Lab results can empower patients to track their health progress, make decisions with their health care providers and adhere to treatment plans.

To protect patient confidentiality and provide correct interpretation, all Laboratory results go directly to the ordering health care provider. The Laboratory does not provide results over the phone under any circumstances.

Health Promotion and Wellness screening results are available through MyHealthSpace after being reviewed by a licensed health care professional. If additional medical follow up is required, the patient will be contacted directly to schedule an appointment. Additional diet, exercise and lifestyle consultation is available through Campus Wellness.

Patients may obtain additional copies of Laboratory results from either the Patient Services department or the Laboratory. All requests will require a patient disclosure form and appropriate ID.

Limitations Certain Laboratory information falls under the category of privileged Information as defined by Student Health Services Privacy Practices. Release of this information will be handled by the Patient Services department. This includes all testing relating to STIs/STDs and HIV/AIDS.

The Laboratory is not allowed to interpret results for patients. Interpretation requires a thorough understanding of your medical history. The Laboratory may only provide general information regarding the tests and report format.