The Center for Health and Well-Being

The new home for Student Health Services opened in July 2017, ready for the Class of 2021 this fall. The building is between the Thomson Building and the Thomas Cooper Library behind the Russell House University Union.

New Health Center
The Center for Health and Well-Being opened in July 2017 and is located directly beside the current Thomson Student Health Center behind the Russell House University Union.
Design goals for the new center included creating a place that is welcoming, calming and focused on student well-being with sustainability as one of its core principles. The Center for Health and Well-Being is seeking the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification in fall 2017. Student Health Services was also was awarded the USC’s Sustainable Carolina Green Office Certification in June 2017. Both sustainability certifications encourage, among other thing, growing real plants, recycling, using green cleaning products, conserving energy and utilizing alternative transportation.

Bringing Nature Inside
With the intent to bring nature inside the space, many windows throughout the building bring in natural light. This supports the center’s sustainability efforts, as the natural light helps to decrease energy costs.
Modern & Welcoming
The modern amenities and furniture in the building provide a welcoming space for students to hang out at, even if they are not there for an appointment.

Colors Chosen to Reduce Stress and Anxiety
To achieve a welcoming, calming space, five core colors are used in an array of yellow, green and blue shades that are known to help reduce stress and anxiety. Primary Care, Women’s Health and Sports Medicine are all enjoying triple the exam space.
Demonstration Kitchen
Features a new state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen to teach healthy eating habits.
See our cooking class offerings.
Complete Rehab Gym
Features expanded sports medicine and physical therapy services including a complete rehab gym with a stunning view of the south side of campus and Williams Brice Stadium.

Larger Pharmacy Selection
With more space, the Center for Health and Well-Being Pharmacy is able to carry more prescription medicines and over-the-counter drugs.
Holistic Design
A tree graphic stretches all five floors integrating classic elements of nature forming symbiotic relationships between each department on all floors. The graphics on each floor display inspirational quotes that reinforce their holistic model – the first floor as the roots – second floor as the foundation – third floor as the structure – fourth floor as the reach – fifth floor as the growth for each individual.

Center for Health and Well-Being - A Timelapse of Construction

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