Physical Therapy


Our physical therapists assist students in the recovery process necessary after a surgery, injury or any type of musculoskeletal issue requiring rehabilitation. We evaluate the patient and design an individualized treatment program to return the student to his/her previous level of function.

Physical therapy treatment techniques include therapeutic exercise, joint mobilization, range of motion exercises, therapeutic massage, ergonomic and postural education, gait training and therapeutic modalities. Therapeutic modalities include ice, heat, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, iontophoresis, and phonophoresis. Modalities are used as an adjunct to other treatment techniques to aid in the rehabilitation process and are chosen based on the students individual needs. 

Students need a doctor's order to make an appointment with our physical therapist. The initial visit takes an hour and each follow up visit is 30 minutes, on average.  

The Student Health Fee (included in the cost of tuition) does not pay for physical therapy. Charges include therapy and supplies. This service is offered for a fee for service and is considered as an out-of-network benefit for all insurances other than Consolidated Health Plans (CHP) (the University-sponsored health plan).  However, services are offered at a discounted rate for enrolled students and Financial Services will file insurance upon request.