Travel Clinic

Our services are available to Students & Faculty/Staff

Travel Clinic Services

The Travel Clinic offers consultation services to students, faculty and staff anticipating travel abroad.

In addition to offering a full range of vaccines and immunizations recommended or required to enter countries worldwide, the Travel Clinic offers full consultations to help travelers stay healthy, safe and secure while traveling.


Travel Clinic appointments should be scheduled at least eight weeks prior to the date of anticipated travel to insure that vaccines are administered in a timely manner.

Appointments can take up to one hour, depending upon appointment type, numbers of vaccines required and number of countries the traveler plans to visit.

The travel consultation visit may require an additional appointment with a healthcare provider in the Center of Health and Well-Being in the Primary Care department, if a prescription for malaria pills is required or requested. This additional appointment is included in the Travel Clinic appointment fee.

To make an appointment
Call 803-777-9511 (or 803-777-1448) to schedule a Travel Clinic consultation or schedule immunizations.

What to bring to the appointment
Travelers should bring a complete, up-to-date copy of their immunization record if it is not on file at the Center for Health and Well-Being.

Travelers need to complete the required online Travel Questionnaire, print the results and bring them to the travel consultation.

Travel Questionnaire
Complete Immunization Record Form


There are costs associated with Travel Clinic visits. Fees vary depending upon the comprehensive consultation and number of vaccinations required.
Travelers can call the Student Health Services Financial Services at 803-777-3174 to discuss fees and individual insurance coverage.


For questions about the Travel Clinic or any immunization services, call 803-777-9511 (or 803-777-1448) or email The office fax number is
803-777-3955 (or 803-777-3960).

For more information
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
American College Health Association's Guidelines