Student Football Tickets

There’s nothing like cheering during Sandstorm at Williams-Brice Stadium with 80,249 fellow Gamecocks! You’ll feel the pride every time “2001” begins.

Who’s eligible?

Students taking 12+ hours at USC Columbia Students at USC Columbia taking between 6-11.99 hours AND paid Athletic Event Fee (contact Bursar)
Deadlines: Fall 2017 – Sept. 7
Spring 2018 – Feb. 7
Students at other USC campuses;
Students with fewer than six hours

Valid CarolinaCard required.

To attend a football game, students must have his/her CarolinaCard. If a student loses the card it must be replaced at a cost of $35. The CarolinaCard office in the Russell House basement is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Ticket distribution schedule

Request > claim > attend or cancel

Request: View step-by-step guide. Ticket requests generally begin at 9 a.m. on the Monday before a Saturday game. There is no advantage to being first to request a ticket. Students awarded tickets are notified by email. When the number of student tickets requested exceeds the amount of student tickets available, tickets are awarded to students based on reward point totals.

Claim: View step-by-step guide. Students receiving tickets have two days to claim the ticket. After that, students who were not awarded tickets will be able to claim any unclaimed tickets until 4 p.m. on the day prior to the game.

Attend or Cancel: View step-by-step guide. Students with claimed tickets must either attend the game or cancel the ticket via the Student Account Manager.

Reward points for football games

Students should enter Williams-Brice Stadium at the student entrances to have his/her CarolinaCard scanned to prove attendance. Scanners remain at these entrances until halftime. Only tickets issued through the online ticketing system receive points. Students have one business day after each home game to verify/appeal points (located in account manager).

• One point for Southeastern Conference games.
• Two points for non-Southeastern Conference games.
• Receive a voucher to redeem for one extra point when you stay for the entire game!

Lower deck seats: Transfer ticket to CarolinaCard and have it scanned at a student entrance.
Upper deck seats: Transfer ticket to CarolinaCard AND print online ticket to have scanned at student entrance.

Learn more about reward points and Gamecock Student Rewards here.

Football no-show policy

A no-show is defined as the act of claiming a ticket and not attending a game AND failing to cancel the ticket. The first no-show for football will result in revocation of student ticket privileges for the remainder of the football season. Three football no-shows in a student’s time at USC will result in permanent ineligibility for student football tickets.

Get ready for the game!

□ Do you have your CarolinaCard?
□ Have you reviewed the Clear Bag Policy to make sure your items comply?
□ Gameday shuttles are free for students with ID. Details here.
□ Check the UofSCNow phone app for free student tailgate parties.
□ Students with lower deck tickets enter at gates 22, 23, 25 and 26. General admission seating is in Sections 23-34 in the lower levels.
□ Students with upper deck tickets enter at gate 18. Make sure to have your print-at-home ticket.

Did you know?

Students who violate the student ticket policy can be referred to the Office of Student Conduct, suspended from ALL athletic events for a calendar year, lose all reward points and, when necessary, referred to USC Police.

Violations include but are not limited to:

• attempt to sell or distribute a student ticket or CarolinaCard
• copying or altering a student ticket
• presenting a false, copied or altered CarolinaCard or the CarolinaCard of another student at the gate
• accessing or attempting to access another student’s ticket distribution account or personal account
• violation of any stadium rules at Williams-Brice
• ejection from an athletic event