Gamecock Student Rewards

What is the Gamecock Student Rewards Program?

The University of South Carolina Athletics Department rewards its most loyal student fans. Attend events and get FREE Under Armour apparel while increasing your points and chances to earn a football ticket.

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Receive rewards for football, basketball and baseball

• Request a ticket on the Student Account Manager for the specific game you want to attend.
• Receive a ticket. Please note that not everyone will get a ticket, especially for football.
• Attend the event. When you enter the game, a staff member will scan your CarolinaCard to make sure the ticket is on there. As long as your CarolinaCard is scanned, you will be put into the system for points.

How to check points

1. Log in to the Student Ticketing Account Manager
2. Click on “Edit My Profile.”
3. Scroll down the page to view point totals.

Point Information

Based on your classification as a student at USC, you will earn a set amount of points at the start of the school year.

Freshmen: 3 points
Sophomore: 4 points
Junior/Graduate student: 6 points
Senior: 8 points

• Ten percent of the points you earned in a school year will be carried over to the next school year.
• All non-conference football and basketball games are worth two points.
• All Southeastern conference football and basketball games and all games for other sports are one point.
• Each sport will host at least one double rewards game for students. Watch for the announcement and other point specials throughout the year.
• Point totals will be updated on a weekly basis.


If you have questions, please contact us through our social media accounts or through email at