Appropriation Categories

Monies are appropriated to registered student organizations under three categories: Programming, Conferences, and Competitions.

  • Programming budgets include monies for any events or other social, recreational, or educational programs. Any programs paid for completely or in part by the Student Activity Funds must be free and open to all University community members. On-campus retreats are classified as programs. Off-campus retreats set within a 12-mile radius of campus will be classified as programs if the respective Finance Committee is given good cause for the off-campus location of the retreat.
  • Conference and Competition budgets may be allocated for any costs associated with conferences or competitions. Travel costs and other expenditures for conferences or competitions will be the last item(s) considered in the budget request process. Requests for conference or competition allocations must include current conference/competition registration forms and information (website/brochure information). Off-campus retreats set outside a 12-mile radius of the campus will be classified as a conference.

Please refer to the active set of Guidelines created by the Finance Committee for this fiscal year.

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