Essentials for Success as a Treasurer

Attend a Treasurer Workshop

Treasurer workshops are conducted each fall and spring. All student organizations requesting funding from the Student Activity Fund are required to send their Treasurer or President to attend these sessions.

ObtainAuthorization Obtain Authorization

Do not, under any circumstances, purchase food, supplies or obligate the University in any way without prior authorization from the Senate Finance Committee and the Department of Student Life. An organization officer who has attended the Treasurer’s Workshop will be the main officer to sign off on any request before it is submitted. All financial paperwork will need an Advisor’s signature as well.

FollowProceduresFollow Procedures

Use the proper forms for all financial paperwork. Type all information on forms and print a copy per instructions in this manual. Financial forms are located here.

KeepRecordsKeep Records

Always keep a copy of your organization’s records and all forms submitted for approval.

PlanAhead Plan Ahead

All transactions involving the expenditure of funds require advance planning. The minimum time needed for processing expenditure transactions is four (4) weeks.

MonitorYourAccount Monitor Your Account

Check your account monthly by comparing your organization’s records to your copies of expenditure documents to determine your budget balance. If you have an open University account, check the Student Organization System (SOS) for your organization revenue balance sheet. Bring any discrepancies to the Student Organization Finance Advisor at (803) 777-6688.

UnderstandBudgetComposition Understand Budget Composition

If you were approved funds from the Student Activity Fund, all monies must be governed by Student Government in accordance to the Senate Finance Codes. If you have self-generated funds (from dues, donations, or events), your organization can spend funds at will while still complying with University policies and procedures.

ComplyWithYourBudget Comply With Your Budget

Organizations may only spend Student Activity Funds for the purposes detailed in their approved budget.

MakeTimelyPayments Make Timely Payments

Sign and forward all invoices, billings, and receipts to the Department of Student Life located in Russell House, Suite 115 as purchases are received. All receipts and reimbursement paperwork needs to be turned in to the Department of Student Life within fifteen (15) days after an event.

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