This manual is designed to help student organization Treasurers understand how to obtain, manage, and spend monies from the Student Activity Fund. As a Treasurer, you will work extensively with the University and State of South Carolina financial system. This manual will help you navigate that system. The Treasurer’s Manual contains simple direction for all facets of student organization finance, including, but not limited to: submitting a budget, preparing for travel, reimbursing expenses, and paying a vendor.

In addition to obtaining and spending your organization’s funds, you have the responsibility to keep all financial records up to date. You are also responsible for informing your President and membership of the organization’s financial status and any policies and procedures that affect the use of your funds.

Please be aware that this is not an all-inclusive manual. It includes information about the procedures and transactions that are most frequently used by organizations. If you have any questions or need help regarding any aspect of your approved budget, please visit the Student Organization Finance Office located in the West Wing of the Russell House University Union, Suite 115.