Founded in Spring of 2013 at the University of South Carolina Columbia Campus, we and the Office of Pre-Professional Advising (OPPA) encourage those interested by the veterinary field to pursue their endeavors and provide helpful information from school rankings, requirements, application hints, volunteer opportunities, helpful and interesting classes being offered, etc. 

The Gamecock Pre-Veterinary Association associate ourselves to provide information on veterinary medicine to those interested in the field and to obtain useful knowledge through interacting with each other about various ways in which we can become better candidates for veterinary school.

"Our main goal is to meet the needs of Pre-Veterinary students – and those considering the veterinary field – in exploring the opportunities in veterinary medicine and familiarizing said students with what to expect and what is expected in the Pre-Veterinary curriculum, veterinary college, and as veterinarians. Additionally, we aim to foster a community of support and friendship among individuals with varying backgrounds and interests that uplifts and aides each other in obtaining like-minded goals for the betterment of themselves, the community, and the veterinary field. We also shall aid the community through veterinary and animal health services through forms of volunteering and service. 

By presentation of pertinent information regarding curriculum, scholastic requirements and other information, the Gamecock Pre-Veterinary Association will endeavor to promote a higher scholastic standard and to strengthen qualifications of the individual entering veterinary college."

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