Healthy Carolina Farmers Market

The Healthy Carolina Farmers Market is a convenient way for USC students, faculty, staff and community members to shop for fresh, healthy, locally-grown produce and sustainable products.

Our mission is to make these products more available to and accessible by the University of South Carolina campus community.

The Healthy Carolina Farmers Market is a collaborative partnership between Healthy Carolina, Student Government, Parking Services and the South Carolina Department of Agriculture. It provides healthy, fresh, locally-grown produce and other products to students, faculty, staff and the community surrounding the University of South Carolina. Both small and large vendors of produce and non-commercial food items find a supportive outlet for the sale of their goods. To be offered at the market, vendors must sell fresh produce, locally-grown or produced products and/or be sustainable. The Healthy Carolina Farmers Market encourages and supports commerce, entertainment and health at the University of South Carolina and throughout the state.
The Healthy Carolina Farmers Market is dedicated to building a sustainable, regional food shed and to educating people about the benefits of sustainable agriculture in the region. It emphasizes the direct connection between local food choices people make and the quality and health of our environment and daily lives. By providing farmers and growers with a direct market for their products, the Healthy Carolina Farmers Market helps sustain the regional farm economy and helps ensure the future of farming in South Carolina. The quality and integrity of all products offered at the market is ensured through policies and guidelines.

The Healthy Mediterranean Student Cookbook:
Cooking with fresh and canned ingredients 

by: First Lady Ms. Patricia Moore-Pastides and USC’s Students of Healthy Mediterranean Cooking

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Farmers Market Rules & Regulations