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Gamecocks on the Move (GOTM) – 5 Weeks to a 5K Training Program

Have you ever wanted to train for a 5K but didn’t want to do it alone? GOTM now includes three meet-up sessions. Join Campus Wellness’ Gamecocks on the Move (GOTM) program—a free USC faculty, staff and student walking and running program that provides individuals with the resources and support to train for a 5K.

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Fall 2014 Choose to Lose Weight Management Program

Have you heard about Choose to Lose? Now it’s improved and even better than what you have heard!! If you are ready to make a lifestyle change, this is the program for you.

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Resources for Dealing with Violence & Discrimination

If you are dealing with issues involving assault, sexual misconduct or dating violence, know that there are several people here at USC who want to help. The University's goal is to create a community that is free of sexual misconduct, discrimination, and harassment of any form.

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Choose to Lose Online

Choose To Lose Online is a virtual weight management program designed to facilitate behavior changes on your own. We aim to provide you with online resources to accomplish your healthy lifestyle goals.

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Stand Up Carolina

The campaign’s goal: to spread awareness and empowerment throughout USC’s campus by encouraging people to be responsible for their peers individually and collectively.

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