Counseling & Psychiatry

Counseling services
Close/Hipp Building, fifth floor
1705 College St. Columbia, SC 29201
Appointments: 803-777-5223

Psychiatric services
Thomson Student Health Center, third floor
1409 Devine St. Columbia, SC 29208
Appointments: 803-777-1833

Maintaining your mental health during this vital time of your life is of the utmost importance in sustaining your academic performance and successes here at the University of South Carolina. Counseling & Psychiatry provides students a safe place to speak privately and confidentially with a trained counselor or psychiatrist about a variety of concerns. These may include stress, anxiety, loneliness, depression, relationship difficulties, questions about identity, eating concerns, substance use, sexuality, managing an existing mental health condition or any other issue.

Our multi-disciplinary team of professional mental health providers includes psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, psychologists, counselors, social workers and supervised trainees in psychology, counseling and social work.

Services provided by counselors
  • Individualized evaluation and counseling
  • Group counseling and couples counseling
  • Consultation services for students, faculty, staff and parents who are concerned about a student
  • Crisis intervention services
  • Referral services
  • Community-based services including community support meetings and GSPOTS (Gamecocks
  • Speaking Proactively On Topics of Sexuality)
  • Substance abuse consultations

Services provided by psychiatric providers

  • Psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis and treatment recommendations
  • Medications (if recommended) with ongoing monitoring (which may include transfer of care and medications to and from your previous provider)
  • Substance abuse consultations
  • Coordination of care with other MDs and the ordering of laboratory tests (if needed)
  • Crisis intervention services
  • Referral services
Currently-enrolled USC students who have paid the student health fee are eligible to receive most services for counseling at no additional charge. However, students who request more than 10 individual sessions per academic year may incur additional charges. Visits with a psychiatrist require additional charges. Enrolled students who have NOT paid the student health fee are eligible to receive most services within Counseling & Psychiatry but are charged on a fee-for-service basis.

All counseling and psychiatric visits are confidential. Mental and physical health care records are completely separate from all other university records. Counseling & Psychiatry staff confer with one another and with other Student Health Services health care providers as needed to provide integrated care. In the event of treatment at a hospital, we will share relevant information for continuity of care. Otherwise, Counseling & Psychiatry will not release information without a patient’s written permission, except as authorized or required by law, or in our judgment as necessary to protect the patient or others from a serious threat to health or safety.

If you are currently seeing a counselor and want to consider medication in conjunction with your counseling, you may call to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist. We encourage you to please discuss this with your counselor who can assist in the referral to the psychiatrist.
If you are only interested in medications, or are in need of transferring your current psychiatric prescriptions, please request an initial consultation with one of our psychiatrists.

Student Health Services has an in-house pharmacy located next to the psychiatry offices and can assist in the transfer of current medications from outside providers. If you are currently taking a controlled substance, please refer to the Student Health Services policy on the prescribing of controlled substances and our Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) policy.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
If students take stimulant medication for Attention Deficit Disorder, they must provide appropriate documentation (psychological testing) performed within the past three years. New psychological testing may be submitted, but students should obtain testing requirements and information regarding our policies prior to being tested. These services are the financial responsibility of the student. Please see the ADHD Policy for more information:

If you are in immediate danger of harming yourself or someone else, call 911 immediately.
If you are in crisis and not in immediate danger of harming yourself or someone else, walk-in assessments are available during normal business hours Monday-Friday in counseling (fifth floor of the Close/Hipp building) throughout the year. Walk-in assessment are also available during normal business hours on Sundays from 2-8 p.m. in the Thomson Student Health Center during the fall and spring semesters.
After Hours Emergencies
If you have an urgent need to speak with a behavioral health professional or are in need of weekend assessment, call 911, the USC Police Department 803-777-4215 or the Richland Springs Hospital help line at 803-434-4813. If you are unable to call, go to the nearest emergency room.

Doctoral Training, Social Work Training, Counselor Training