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Did You Know? Good diet and physical activity account for better grades among college students?

Maintaining a Balanced Lifestyle One thing that you will need to learn how to do in college is make healthy choices when it comes to eating healthy and active living.  Weight gain is a concern for many students.

To understand how maintaining a healthy weight works, you must understand how your body works.  It’s simple, calories in calories out.  Your body needs a basic number of calories to survive.  This amount is unique to each person.

Based on the amount and level of physical activity you do your body may need additional calories.  Careful attention to the facts behind good nutrition will pay off in overall benefits of maintaining a healthy weight during your college years.  Here’s a picture of what the University of South Carolina does to show students how to choose healthy options in the Dining halls:   


Benefits of a healthy diet:

  • Increased energy and ability to focus
  • Enhanced mood
  • Prevention and treatment of a wide variety of chronic diseases and conditions
  • Weight management
  • Increased physical performance