If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault or interpersonal violence, call the USCPD at 803-777-4215, and they will get you in touch with a Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention advocate. For additional resources, visit www.sc.edu/sexualassault.

If you wish to speak with someone in the Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention (SAVIP) office, please call 803-777-8248. If you want to visit the office, please check in with Women’s Care or the General Medicine Center so an SAVIP staff member may be informed to meet you.

Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention (SAVIP)

About Us

SAVIP Advocates offer support and services to students, faculty, and staff who are survivors of sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, relationship difficulties, dating issues, domestic issues and/or any forms of interpersonal violence. The services provided include:

  • 24-hour, on-call services to assist students, faculty and staff
  • Academic assistance
  • Medical accompaniment
  • Safety planning
  • Temporary alternative housing and/or permanent relocation
  • Legal advocacy
  • Referral assistance

SAVIP provides educational programming, training, and conference throughout the academic school year addressing issues such as sexual assault or suspected drug facilitation assault, relationship issues, dating issues, stalking, cyberstalking, sexting, harassment, domestic issues, and hate crimes based on gender to faculty, staff and students.  SAVIP also sponsors campus-wide campaigns that advocate for bystander accountability to prevent sexual and/or relationship violence. Notable campaigns include Domestic Violence Awareness in October, Stalking Awareness in January, and Sexual Assault Awareness in April.

SAVIP recognizes Domestic Violence Awareness Month with events designed to increase awareness about interpersonal violence (specifically, but not exclusively, domestic violence) as a major social issue. We are debunking the myth that domestic violence is a women’s issue, increase the awareness and visibility of male involvement, and reinforcing bystander accountability through Stand Up Carolina, all while empowering individuals to have healthier relationships.

SAVIP recognizes Stalking Awareness Month with events and a vendor fair aimed at fostering understanding about stalking and harassment. We educate the USC community about how to safely use mobile devices, social media, web sites and computers to best protect themselves from stalking, identity theft and more.

SAVIP recognizes Sexual Assault Awareness Month with events aimed at fostering understanding about the devastating effects of sexual assault, promotes as culture of healing and awareness and promotes accountability campus wide to speak up or step in before someone is sexually assaulted.  

Through the education, campaigns and bystander accountability SAVIP actively seeks to fostering a Carolina Community of respect, trust, equality and healthy relationships.


What are we doing?

SAVIP promotes bystander accountability through Stand Up Carolina. Stand Up Carolina is a NAPSA award winning initiative that effectively shifts the issues around sexual and/or relationship violence to one of empowerment to promote a sense of community. Stand Up Carolina is teaching the campus community to recognize problems, step in and speak up against negative behavior.

Stand Up Carolina empowers students to:

  1. Intervene and prevent sexual and physical violence on campus
  2. Discourage negative behavior by curtailing discriminatory, destructive and illegal behavior
  3. Call attention to bystander behavior
  4. Encourage people to react and take appropriate action with respect to unacceptable behavior
  5. Highlight the prevalence and impact of acquaintance rape and/or interpersonal, dating violence and stalking
  6. Clearly define the role that USC can play in ending violence

The scope of Stand Up Carolina is diverse, offering informational material, classroom discussions and peer education. We are training faculty and staff to recognize assault and interpersonal violence, and infuse pertinent intervention strategies into their everyday curriculum. The Stand Up Carolina partner presentation is offered to students who are taking University 101.  Stand Up Carolina partner presentation is designed to correlate specifically to the course goals and learning objectives of University 101.  For more information regarding the Stand Up Carolina partner presentation for University 101, click here. http://www.sc.edu/univ101/instructors/cpc.html.

New Initiative

SAVIP launched its male-focused initiative to support men taking a stand against sexual violence. True Strength, which is a part of the Stand Up Carolina bystander accountability program, encourages men to become engaged in actively working to change the negative statistics and outcomes against men and women within the USC community concerning sexual violence.