If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault or interpersonal violence, call the USCPD at 803-777-4215, and they will get you in touch with a Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention advocate. For additional resources, visit http://www.sc.edu/stopsexualassault.

If you wish to speak with someone in the Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention (SAVIP) office, please call 803-777-8248. Currently, the SAVIP office can be accessed from the Bull Street side of the Thomson Student Health Center, but if you have difficulty accessing their office, please check in with Women’s Care or the General Medicine Center so an SAVIP staff member may be informed to meet you. Our internal doors are locked for student safety.

About Us

SAVIP promotes a Healthy Carolina by encouraging the Carolina community to look out for one another through the Stand Up Carolina initiative and by implementing programs that prevent all forms of interpersonal violence. They collaborate with campus partners to deliver educational programs and campaigns that encourage healthy relationships. They advocate for survivors of interpersonal violence.

SAVIP advocates offer support and services to students, faculty and staff who are survivors of sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, relationship difficulties, dating issues, domestic issues and/or any other forms of interpersonal violence. Services include:

  • 24-hour, on-call services to assist students, faculty and staff
  • Academic assistance
  • Medical accompaniment
  • Safety planning
  • Temporary alternative housing and/or permanent relocation
  • Legal advocacy
  • Referral assistance

SAVIP provides educational programs, training and conferences throughout the academic year addressing issues such as interpersonal violence, campus sexual assault, stalking, harassment and hate crimes. Stand Up Carolina, a bystander accountability program, encourages the Carolina community to step in and speak up against interpersonal violence, sexual assault and other harmful situations.

SAVIP recognizes Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October to increase awareness about interpersonal violence and empower individuals to have healthier relationships. In January, SAVIP facilitates Stalking Awareness Month to spread awareness about stalking, harassment and Internet safety. SAVIP leads events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April that recognize the devastating effect of sexual assault and that promote a supportive and healing environment for survivors. For more information about these events, visit www.sa.sc.edu/shs/events.

New Initiative
True Strength, a male-focused initiative of Stand Up Carolina, encourages men to take a stand against sexual violence and express their masculinity in ways which support and empower women and men.