We are Student Gamecock Television, otherwise known as SGTV. We’re a student-produced television station that broadcasts on Campus Channel 4.1 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Student Media’s newest addition, we got our start in 2006 and are building our way to the top. As our biggest station goal, we strive to offer creative opportunities to USC students and to provide entertaining and informative programming to the Gamecock community. We fully train students to operate our equipment and software so they can film and produce their own creative work. Not a broadcast or media arts major? No worries – here at SGTV, we have an opportunity for students of any major and no previous experience is required. Station website: Untitled-4_01

SGTV Application

Station Information

SGTV is located on the third floor of the Russell House, in room 330. Feel free to contact any of our executive staff or producers with questions you may have. Their contact information can be found below:


Mills Hayes 803-777-3760


Operations Manager, Financial Director Training Coordinator Public Relations Director Social Media Coordinator News Director, SGTV News 4 Producers, SGTV News 4 Content Director 1080c Productions Producers, Capital City Sports Producers, 84 Days Producers, Talk of the Town Producer, Highscore Headquarters

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