Disposing of Trash & Recycling Off-Campus

Trash & recycling pickup will vary depending on your place of residence.

Trash Disposal Off-Campus

Apartment Communities
• Most large communities will have bulk trash receptacles for disposing of trash.
• Check your lease or stop by the leasing office for trash disposal instructions.
• Warning: You might be fined for leaving trash outside your door or on your balcony.

Duplexes & houses in Columbia neighborhoods:
• The green roll carts are designated for trash.
• The City of Columbia issues each residence a roll cart for trash disposal. Call (803) 545-3800 to request a roll cart or report a damaged cart.
• Find out what day your trash, recycling and bulk trash (appliances, furniture, etc.) picked up: http://columbiasc.net/solid-waste/recycling/waste-wizard.
• Carts must be at the curb by 7:30am the morning of collection and removed by 7:30pm the day of collection.
• More information about trash & recycling in the city of Columbia can be found at: http://columbiasc.net/solid-waste

Recycling Off-Campus

Apartment Communities
• Some communities do not provide recycling on site.
• We encourage all students to recycle, even if the service is not offered at your residence.

You can drop off recycling on-campus at:
Cans & Bottles
• Capstone – 2 large blue collection dumpsters
• Harper/Elliott-Maxcy – behind building
• Student Health Center – loading dock
• Preston – behind building

You can drop off recycling off-campus 24 hours a day at:

Vista Recycling Center
1398 Wayne St
Columbia, SC 29201
Sonoco Recycling Center
1132 Idlewilde Blvd
Columbia, SC 29201

Both locations accept the following:
• Aluminum cans, foil, trays and pie pans
• Cans (aluminum, steel, aerosol)
• Cardboard, telephone books, paperboard (e.g. cereal/shoe boxes)
• Cartons (e.g., milk, juice, broth)
• Glass bottles and jars (brown, green, clear)
• Paper (e.g., magazines, newspaper and inserts, office paper, unwanted mail, paper bags, greeting cards, envelopes)
• Plastic bottles, jars, jugs and other containers

Duplexes & houses in Columbia neighborhoods:
• The blue roll carts are designated for recycling.
• The City of Columbia picks up trash and recycling on the same day. Find your recycling pick up day at: http://columbiasc.net/solid-waste/recycling/waste-wizard.
• To request a recycling bin or ask recycling questions, please call (803) 545-3800.
• The City of Columbia can recycle the following items: http://columbiasc.net/depts/solid-waste/docs/curbside_flyer.pdf

Trash & recycling information for students living outside City of Columbia limits:

Cayce Solid Waste: www.cityofcayce-sc.gov/sanitation.asp
West Columbia Solid Waste: westcolumbiasc.gov/sanitation-recycling/
Richland County Solid Waste: www.rcgov.us/Government/Departments/SolidWasteRecycling.aspx
Lexington County Solid Waste: www.lex-co.sc.gov/departments/DeptRZ/solidwaste/Pages/CollectionandRecyclingCenters.aspx